May 8, 2012

Happy Birthday 2

Entry kali ni memang semua nk wish birthday org je. birthday aku x muncul lagi. tapi tape la. untuk kawan sanggup la.
Baiklah, Happy birthday to you my dear ayg. Sweet 21. Allah bless you. Semoga panjang umur murah rezeki. semoga hari2 yg mendatang lebih baik dr sebelum ni.
okay, for your birthday I hope u have a best moment in your day. make it as your best day that u never had. Hope have happiness in your birthday. thank for everything and thank you because you fulfill my life. u are friends that i never forget and whatever comes to you i always be your side. i'm sorry if doing wrong to you.
Semoga berbahagia di samping org yg tersayang. cepat lah kawen hehe.
Be a good daughter dear and makes your family proud with you. i hope one day u success in your life.

sorry, tade pape yg dpt diberi cuma wish je yg mampu. I Love you dear :)

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